Festival Season!

Yes! For many of us this time of the year is the most busiest but also very rewarding. There are various Festival pieces from Novadanse, all timed to the requirements of competitions. If you are looking for Ballet solos or duos/group dances Carnival,  Masquerade and Mosaic are suited to senior age through to the younger student. These are on CD and also MP3.

From The Top, Tempo and Tap Fever are for the tappers of this world. I’ve only mentioned a few but take a look at the choices under the Show and Festival heading.

More MP3’s are to be added shortly so keep an eye out for these additional titles.

Showcase – Piano Pearls

Ballet is the hi-light of this month and this CD/mp3 has 58 track selection for a complete Classical Ballet Class. The Piano music contained in Piano Pearls is compiled and played by Jill of Novadanse and gives the students and teachers many choices of music both classical and traditional.

Suggested steps and styles with varying introductions take you through Barre work, flowing Adage leads into Centre Practise followed by Petit and Grand Allegro variations. Finally, the class completes with a Pointe work section and Reverence/Ports de Bras.

The companion to this all piano music is Piano Passion which is an alternative to Piano Pearls and can be found on this website.

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Help with downloading Mp3s

There can be occasions after purchasing mp3s from Novadanse that getting to listen to them seems to be quite difficult! There are some new tips available on the checkout page to help with any issues you may have. If you need any further help upon ordering, please use the contact form and we will do our best to try and assist you.

A Novadanse special

IMAGINATION is a truly unique collection of music for Teachers searching for something unusual, challenging and completely different from the run-of-the-mill class music. This music offers a different slant on dance, mime and an awareness of the sounds of musical instruments which make up our music today. Age suitability would be 5yrs upwards, either as solo dancers or in a group setting.

Above all, this is a FUN CD designed to increase expression of emotion with movement. Compiled mainly of original piano music with new ideas, this is an educational and uplifting CD.