Children’s Showtime



All children love to “pretend”….so the opening section of this CD will be fun and imaginative.

The most popular contrasting mime being a “Burglar and Police Car chase” and “Splashing in puddles and Walking on ice” comes a close second!

There is a great choice of group dances and musical awareness as well as solo dances to suit children 4-7yrs. A fun-packed CD with original music by Novadanse.


Let’s Pretend

Contrasting Mimes
  1. Growing flowers in sun & rain
  2. Rain/Wind and leaves
  3. Grandfather clock & Cuckoo clock
  4. Bees
  5. Ants
  6. Splashing in puddles
  7. Walking on ice
  8. Grey clouds
  9. Sunbeams
  10. Burglar & police car chase
Group Mimes
  1. Circus Time (4:10)
    Ringmaster introduces clowns, Tightrope walker, Ponies and Clowns
  2. Box in the Attic (3:45)
    Drag heavy box from attic, Discover: high-heeled shoes, Wellington boots/Skating boots, Football boots/Ballet shoes, Mummy returns!
  3. Under the Sea (3:00)
    Jelly fish, Sea horses, Star fish, Sea Anemonies & submarine
  4. Toyshop Night Secrets (4:15)
    Clock strikes after midnight, Toys come to life one by one. Humming top: Clockwork doll: Trumpeting soldiers: Music, box fairy: Jack-in-the-box: Toys get sleepy, clock strikes and last minute scramble to cupboards.
Little Dances
  1. LULLABY: Putting baby to bed 1:14
  2. MARIONETTES Espagnole 1:30
  3. The Chocolate Soldier 1:12
  4. Red Riding Hood 2:00
  5. At the Seaside 1:53
  6. SKIP to my Lou 1:48
Twizzle Adventures

Twizzle goes to town and meets Chawky the clown They find Footso the cat and try to persuade him to join them but he is sleepy and lazy! Jiffy, the Broomstick man is busy sweeping up after everybody and they all go to Twizzle Town market

  1. Twizzle goes to town
  2. Chawky the Clown
  3. Footso the cat
  4. JIFFY, the Broomstick man
  5. Twizzle Town Market
Going Shopping
  1. Mime dance
Amber Queen
  1. Rose Ballet 1:21
Musical Awareness

Short soundbites for children to listen to and guess or imagine what each piece may be:

  1. African jungle Natives or Indians around the camp fire
  2. Outer Space or heaven/angels
  3. Caribbean band steel drums/holidays
  4. Chinese temple sounds/Egyptian tombs/mummies
  5. Spanish castanets/Mexican dancers
  6. Cathedral or Church choir/Monastry monks
  7. Music box/Fairy on Christmas tree Ice-cream man
  8. A storm: Thunder, lightning & rain /shipwreck: fear