Funtime Collection



This CD offers a new and refreshing approach to music for Creative & Natural Dance.

Six popular topics, describing in musical terms, The Weather, Animals, The Toybox, The Circus, Nature and Make-Believe.
Each topic lasts between 12 and 15 minutes and can be either mimed with movement, danced or listened to for natural interpretation. Fun for children. Fun for teachers!


  1. SUN – rises – turns hot at midday and sinks in the sky at sunset
  2. WIND Building to leaves rustling and blowing -being swept into circles
  3. THUNDER storm brewing – lightning – rain begins slowly and gathers speed
  4. CLOUD gentle billowing – heavenly calmness -floaty and soft movements
  5. RAIN begins slowly drop by drop – builds to crescendo then dies away
  6. MIST/FOG erie and cold,swirling mist – gets denser – bumping into each other
  7. SNOWFLAKES gentle snow falling – floating sensation – gradual settling on earth
  8. JACK FROST/ICICLES crunchy snow – frosty pavements spiky icicles hanging from trees – cold, slippery and icy
  9. WHIRLWIND/TORNADO strong spinning around – great flurries of leaves – gales blowing at sea – bells tolling
  1. ELEPHANT lumbering trunk swinging/trumpeting
  2. KANGEROO springing-falling-playing
  3. CAT washing- stretching-eating – sleeping
  4. PONY galop – trotting – whinny
  5. TORTOISE meeting in garden-munching lettuce
  6. MOUSE finds cheese – baby mice knock jars over – frightened by door chimes
  7. RABBIT hopping in and out of burrows
  8. MONKEY swinging – chatter – squabble – play
  9. SQUIRREL clean whiskers -crack and bury nuts -play chase – jump into trees – chased by a cat
  1. BARBIE DOLL Walking, talking and crying
  2. JACK-IN-THE-BOX Wake-up! look out – hide back in the box
  3. PINOCCHIO PUPPET On strings dancing each limb – getting faster
  4. TEDDY BEAR Picnic in woods and play hide’n’seek – jolly games
  5. TIN SOLDIERS Line up – Guard inspection – march in time
  6. HUMMING TOP fast spinning – gradually winding down – then stop
  7. MATCHBOX MEN jump out of box – play a-striking! fall down in long line
  8. BOUNCY BALL slow bouncing to faster bouncing -completely lose control
  9. FAIRY ON MUSIC BOX winds up-dances round and round gradually runs down and stops
  10. STEAM ENGINE starts slow puffing – builds up steam and speeds – slows going up hill – disappears into tunnel
  1. RINGMASTER Bang drums, crash cymbals, play trumpt -march on parade
  2. CLOWNS blow trumpets – tumble -juggle and pull funny faces
  3. TRAPEZE ARTIST high flying acrobats – drum rolls at danger points – hanging twirling by teeth – climb down and take a bow
THE CIRCUS – (continued)
  1. TIGHTROPE WALKER slow progress to centre – wobbles -shows off and is over confident – nearly falls off – hurries away
  2. PONIES -BAREBACK RIDER trotting and galloping around ring -dressage dance, galop off
  3. ELEPHANT JAZZ PARADE baby elephants tail link around ring – trumpeting and balancing
  4. LION TAMER big cats – small cats -snarling at trainer, perform clever tricks
  5. JUGGLERS & ACROBATS juggling with batons and balls/stumbling and dropping ballsfire – eating
  1. BUTTERFLIES gracefull flying and collecting pollen – hovering over flowers – basking in the sun
  2. GRASSHOPPER TANGO rubbing wings together – huge hopsmakes “buzzing” sounds in the sun
  3. LADYBIRDS gentle light and quick movements – hesitates – spread wings and fly away
  4. SEEDS INTO FLOWERS small spiky movemen ts – gradual growth in sun. Rain makes flowers blossom and die
  5. TREES strong bold movements – leaves falling – spinning then slowly settling on the ground
  6. WOODPECKER jolly and lively with bright perky moves “knocks” his beak on the tree
  7. CUCKOO gentle, bright eyed and soft “cuckoo” sounds
  8. MOON riding behind the clouds then appearing from behind with a hard brilliant light – cold and serene quietness
  9. SEAGULL flying with long gliding movements over land and sea – bobs on the ocean looking for fish to eat
  10. SLINKY FOX yawns, stretches and checks the coast is clear before setting off with jaunty pace in search of food. Creeps up on prey – catches and sprints home
  1. SKELETONS spooky with jangly limbs wobbly and scary
  2. GHOSTS a friendly ghost paying a visit – spirits wafting -floaty things in the air
  3. WITCH stirring spells in a cauldron – strokes her black cat – rides off on her broomstick
  4. WIZARD makes magic potions -waves magic wand over a hat with grand flourishing movements and produces…….?
  5. ROBOT jerky robot dance with mechanical feel
  6. GIANT scary huge heavy movements -towers over everything with menacing face
  7. SUPERMAN flying action with cape – brave and bold doing good deeds
  8. “JAWS” – shark sly – with weaving actions – scary and persistent. Hides and darts out to frighten