Winter Warmups

My Ballet Class

In order to keep ballet classwork fresh, you need to change the music fairly frequently, otherwise boredom and disinterest may become a problem.
This freestyle CD music, compiled to suit a standard of Grade 4, or any general ballet class, has 47 tracks of choice for a varied and interesting class. Rhonda Sayer of Rhonvic Brogla Studios, NSW Australia says, “all my students love the music. We use this for our open class work which is a change from their Grade music – it makes them work harder!”

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From The Top

In complete contrast to the Ballet music, this CD/mp3 offers 30 challenging tracks with a wide variety of styles for a Tap class or Stage Performance. All tracks are fully orchestrated with timings of 1 ½ to 2 ½ mins.

Many of these popular tunes are tried and tested in my own adult tap classes! Good jazzy warm-ups through to slow bluesy cool-downs – great!

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New for Autumn 2015

Centre Stage

An exciting new 70 minute compilation with 26 tracks of mixed dance music for Performance. Selections of Classical, National, Greek/Lyrical and Character for choreographies of solos, duos, trios or small groups.
A useful addition to your collection of Novadanse music.

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NEW! Star Traks

18 completely new arrangements and material and replaces the original Star Traks. A couple of the most popular songs have been re-arranged and included along with a Words booklet.

The songs with dance section have timings which can be used in Festivals or Shows, and are suitable for children from the age of 5 years. Ideal for Teachers choreographing song and dance for young children.

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