Piano Reflections



1ALL PIANO original expressive pieces suitable for a wide range of dance including ballet or contemporary classwork, auditions and show dances.

Varying styles and tempos, many with contrasting centres, lengths from 1-2’00.


  1. Passing Clouds [Adage]
  2. Mirror Waltz [medfast]
  3. The Magic Pool [Adage]
  4. Joie de Vivre [contrast incl]
  5. Mazurek [contrast incl]
  6. Canopy of Stars [coda incl]
  7. Tango Express [contrast incl]
  8. Bright Cakewalk [Rag Coda]
  9. Jig Runaway
  10. On the Horizon [Adage]
  1. Essentially Sharp [strong allegro]
  2. Gently on the water [flowing]
  3. Polonaise Show
  4. Gavot Suite [contrast incl]
  5. Rocky-Rag
  6. Sarabande Sombre
  7. Autumn Polka
  8. In Tarantella Spirit
  9. Landscape dream [slow waltz]
  10. Beguine Lilt