The Magic Carpet Adventure



Novadanse has created music to fit the popular story of the Magic Carpet.

Landing in 6 different countries, chanting the magic words and dancing and miming. Sound effects enhance the original music arrangements and 4-9 yr olds will enjoy “landing in Spain” with the Castanet Dance and having fun in Italy with the Pizza dance or whirling with the Snake Charmer in India!

This can be set on Stage as a Performance but has the benefit of individual track selection.
A unique setting to music using the key characters from the song by RoseFyleman. With original music as well as the main Rose Fyleman song, Novadanse has captured the magic of the story which most small children will identify with. March of the Beetles, Butterfly Breezes, Stars, Fans and Moonbeams are part of the magic. A complete item which can be used on Stage, but all tracks are separated.


The Magic Carpet

Length 14’30

  1. Stormy Afternoon
  2. Finding the Magic Carpet
  3. Chant the Magic Words
  4. Land in China
  5. Land in Spain
  6. Link Spin-off
  7. Land in Russia
  8. Off again to India
  9. Spin off and land with bump
  10. Land in Italy
  11. Away we go again
  12. Land in Great Britain
  13. Spin Back Home
There are Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden

Length 18’00

  1. Opening Theme Music
  2. Midnight Dreaming
  3. March of the Beetles
  4. Fairies Summer Ball
  5. Butterfly Breezes
  6. Rabbits Light the Lanterns
  7. Stars, Fans & Moonbeams
  8. The King and Queen and the “Floating Song”
  9. Dawn Breaks
  10. Close your eyes little girl