Forest Magic



11 Magical Dances

This cd music takes children of any age through a magical forest of music with Fun dances such as “Dance of the Hedgehogs” and “Peacock Strut”, original compositions to spice up your class or shows. An interesting selection of fully backed music with each item 2 1/2 mins or more.


Approx.2 ½ minutes each

  1. Night Sylphs
  2. Spirit of the Lake
  3. Through Bluebell Land
  4. Children of the Forest
  5. Dance of the Hedgehogs
  6. Bluebirds
  1. Butterflies & Bees
  2. Bunny Capers
  3. Peacock Strut
  4. Naughty Pixies
  5. Ladybird Polka