Brand new cds for sale!

Three brand new cds are now available to order here on the website.

  • Sunshine Stars –  a fun dance class. Circle and floor exercises, listen and identify, arms, head and body shapes, springing movements, walking & balance, mime and move and fantasy dances all of which will attract both Teachers and children. Intros are included.


  • Piano Pearls – 58 tracks of original and traditional piano music for a complete Ballet Class.
    Each exercise has 4 or more choices of music styles and lengths.
    The format which incorporates a varied selection of styles as well as classical music, includes Barre/Centre Practise/Adage/Pirouettes/Petit & Grands Allegro and seven different Variations. A Pointe work section is also included.
  • Jamboree – Tap Class Practice. 20 Rhythmical mixed tempos and styles, fully orchestrated music for students and adult class practise. 2-3 minute lengths Constant tempos with familiar tunes of slow 4/4’s, fast fours,Tangos, a little Latin and Uptempo 4’s.