Showcase – Sugar ‘n Spice

It always comes as a surprise to me that this CD is the topmost seller over many years. It all began when I first decided to create music for a nursery class. I was fortunate enough to have many teacher contacts and one dear lady gave me a whole host of ideas that she had found useful for her class of 3-4 yr olds. This spurred me on to further my ideas and try to “get inside” a young child’s mind. I realised it was more than just creating dance exercise music but something to not only stimulate the young child but also inspire the teacher.

The Nursery Rhymes came later as a ‘finisher’ to the class. I was ready to go but – a title which was attractive was vital, and this is where my sister came in. She always had good suggestions and whereas at first I felt that “Sugar ‘n ~Spice” was just a rhyme, it seemed appropriate to name this assortment of music – and how successful it has turned out to be!

Jill Couch