Showcase – Mosaic

When compiling a new set of children’s dances, one has to think of the appeal of an overall CD name followed by track titles and, of course, the musical content! First, it is vital to research the needs of teachers and find a ‘space in the market’ where this style of music is lacking, and this is how Mosaic came to be launched.

MOSAIC offers 24 choices of character ballet dances suitable for both boys and girls. The boys will love “Froggy-Frolic”!

One of my favourite things is to compose music for children to dance to, so I have included several of my compositions with imaginative titles which I hope will inspire Teachers and dancers alike. The reward for seeing children ‘light up’ is well worth the effort! Festival lengths of character dances are crucial when it comes to time allowed, so I have made sure each item is varied.

With introductions and contrasts within each piece of music for choreographing, there is choice here to compliment todays child.
A much enjoyed experience and challenge for me!