The Christmas Tree


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Magical Christmas Story

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the Little Christmas Tree, this presentation has been adapted to a more acceptable length for young children, and set to music with narration.
It is very appropriate for end-of-term concerts in schools as well as being enjoyable to listen to.

The festive scenes (and little sad ones!) can be danced or mimed to. Most of the music is original and has musical sound effects to enhance the story. A story guide is included. Children love acting and dancing to this story – a popular Christmas special.


  1. OvertureWinter has come [3 3/4]
    Little Rabbits [1:00]
    TheWoodcutter dance [1:20]
  1. Spring has arrived [1:50]
    SunRays Whisper [1:02]
    Loading the wagons [1:30]
  1. The Sparrows message [1:38]
    The Wind and Sunshine [1:00]
    Time for growing [2:21]
  1. Felled for Christmas [1:18]
    The chosen tree [1:17]
    The decoration [2:40]
  1. Lighting the candles [2:00]
    Present opening [1:24]
    Children’s Story-time [1:14]
  1. In the attic [1:22]
    Little mice [1:24]
    Pine Tree Lament [1:15]